About me
Noémie VOLZ
My name is Noémie Volz and I'm developing the web since 1999.

My passion is to make things better.
Be prepared.
Don't give up.

My work
I'm a Usability Engineer at TRANSPOREON, the leading logistics software company in Europe.
During 10 years I've worked for many companies in Austria and Germany as a web developer, inhouse and freelance. At TRANSPOREON, in 2009, I mutated to a UX Designer with my friend Elizabeth Whitworth being my mentor, under the remarkable leadership of Axel Busch. Since November 2011 I'm member of the German UPA (the German chapter of the Usability Professionals' Association).

My blog
Starting with the photoblog in 2006, I began to publish what I saw around me, till this day. Later I felt the growing need to share also my thoughts – about User Experience, work and career in particular – with words, and the "written" blog came to life in 2010.

My self
I'm a highly creative human being, finding solutions for software and for life. I am dedicated to what I do, whatever that is. I feel compelled to deal with arts and technologies, to unite functionality and fun, and to explore new territories. I like to take responsibilities and to make decisions. I enjoy working with my brain and with my hands.
Apparently I'm a "Fieldmarshal (ENTJ)" type of person.

My background
I'm born in France and I grew up there. My mother tongue is French and I speak German fluently. I've learned English with the LOLCats and I understand some Italian.
I live in a village near Ulm in the south of Germany (Europe) with my husband and our cat.

Feel free to connect with me!


About neopix

The idea
"neopix" is a combination of an anagram of my first name, Noémie, and the stylish word for pictures, pix.
Thanks to Sam Javanrouh at ddoi (a very good photoblog) for the daily inspiration.

The technique
I wrote this website's concept and implemented it completely; I created the graphics also – and of course, I shot the pix. Until 13.05.2007 these were updated daily, but due to lack of time I've settled for a weekly rate until the end of 2012.
The site is written in PHP with a MySQL database in the background.

The equipment
Until Summer 2005 the pix have been taken with my Fuji FinePix 1300 (1.3 mega pixels). Then I used a Canon PowerShot A 520 (4.0 mega pixels) during one year and I've been working with a Canon Digital IXUS 60 (6.0 mega pixels) afterwards. Since Fall 2011 I'm experiencing with a Sony Cyber-shot DSC-TX10 (16.2 mega pixels).

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