Noémie Volz User Experience
Noémie VolzSalut!

My name is  Noémie Volz
and I help people using technology.

My passion is to make things better.
My work I'm currently leading the User Experience team at Transporeon, the logistics software company owning the european market.

During the first 10 years of my career I’ve worked as a web developer for several companies in Austria and Germany, both in-house and freelance.

You’ll find my curriculum vitae/resume in the following places:
Leadership This is a selection of some of the management skills I value the most; I've roughly described how I apply them.

Planning + Prioritization
  • Set yearly goals and regularly plan the upcoming tasks for the team ahead of time, according to the different projects' priorities.
  • Find the right balance between customer needs, company-internal improvements, and resources.
Communication + Motivation
  • Ensure relevant knowledge is transferred on time and meaningful experiences are shared.
  • Make sure the self-sustaining team is in good health and able to achieve great results.
Process definition
  • Identify possibilities for process optimization and define target processes.
  • Implement, follow through, adapt.
Delegation + Coaching
  • Delegate tasks and projects so that the responsible person will grow through them.
  • Help people mastering topics and skills.

Useful technologies and methods:
  • JIRA, Confluence, Microsoft Office, SharePoint
  • Leading by vision, Leading by example

User ExperienceI believe in user-centered design and consistency within the UI.

These are some of the B2B web-based solutions for the logistics sector I have been or am currently working on:
  • Transport generation and assignment
  • Delivery tracking (web + app)
  • Management of freight rates and of time slots
  • User and permission management
  • Report generation and management
  • Communication and document exchange; system-generated legal documents
I generally perform the following typical types of Usability engineering activities:
  • Evaluation and requirements gathering
  • Help in strategic product-related decision-making
  • Information architecture, interaction design, prototyping
  • Feature specification, consulting for software development
  • Quality assurance
One of my newest projects is a Design System with a UI components library:
  • Definition of roadmap/project plan; project management
  • Requirements engineering and selection of technology/framework for the UI components
  • UX concept for the Design System itself; implementation and maintenance
  • UX concept and documentation for UI components and patterns
  • Review of specifications and quality assurance
  • Promotion of the Design System thoughout the company

Useful technologies and methods:
  • Balsamiq Wireframes, whiteboard, pen and paper, Adobe XD, OmniGraffle, Axure
  • Android, iOS
  • SCRUM, Agile

Web development As a web developer, until approximately 2008, I have produced lots of materials for different types of websites and clients. I have generated many concepts, lines of code, images and database tables.
Since almost all projects are older than 10 years, most are not available online anymore.

Reference Reference Reference
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Useful technologies:
  • Windows, Unix, Linux
  • HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP/MySQL, Java, MXML, ActionScript, ASP, Shell, etc.
  • Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, GIMP, Corel, etc.
My selfI’m a highly creative human being, finding solutions for software and for life. I am dedicated to what I do.
I feel compelled to deal with technological challenges, to unite functionality and ease-of-use, and to expand my neuronal pathways by learning new things.
I like to take responsibilities and to make relevant decisions.
Some factsI was born in France and grew up there. I'm living in Germany since more than 2 decades, and I’ve settled in a Bavarian village – near Ulm – with my husband and our cats.

My mother tongues are French and German. I’m used to business English and I understand some Italian.

You'll find me spending my spare time with
  • Gardening and shaping the looks of my property
  • Crafting – See a few examples here
  • Designing planner inserts, repurposing recycled stuff
  • Reading
  • Getting things done
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