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Make your workplace more environment-friendly

Being green is a trendy topic. Let's see how we can do good to our planet by tweaking little things at work.

My Pothos plant

Current control

Do you switch off the lights when leaving your room for lunch? Shut down your PC before the week-end? Less obviously, could you use more daylight by moving your desk – thus avoiding to turn on the lamp? And what about heating, or opening and closing windows at defined times, when your roommates agree, during the winter?...

Waste separation

Depending on where you live, you may be aware of the local waste separation guidelines. The workplace is an ideal location to apply them, since you might have more container space available there than at home, and habits are easier to form due to the amount of time spent there.

The appropriate medium

Choose your method of communication according to the desired outcome: personal contact or eMail can sometimes replace lengthy printed letters and phone calls. A waste of time, for example by trying to write down a complicated concept rather than explaining it to your colleague face-to-face, may lead to higher energy consumption (i.e. doing overtime in the evening with the light on).

Use paper wisely

For my part, I use a lot of paper to sketch and to brainstorm in my work. I've made a habit of collecting the misprinted sheets that are always laying near the printer. They mostly are still usable, at least on one side, which I draw on. I also think twice before sending a job to the printer. Sometimes it's enough to quickly scan the document on screen to know if its contents are worth printing.

Nourish the green flame

Ask your colleagues at the IT department what's the best way to save energy with the hardware they provide you with. Keep your ears and eyes open for new possibilities in the domain of environment-friendliness. Be a positive example and more people will follow you.

Here are few keywords to inspire you on your green journey in the workplace:

  • Rechargeable batteries
  • Bikes, public transports, car sharing, working from home
  • Fair-trade coffee
  • Recycled furniture
  • Shared office supplies
How do you "green up" your workplace? Let us know!

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