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10 Firefox add-ons to get in control

I optimized my workflow by using a few handy Firefox add-ons and I wanted to share the bliss with you.

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  1. Morning Coffee
    Maybe a Firefox startpage is not enough for you. Do you want to know what's going on in your company's wiki on a daily basis? Have a look at your JIRA assigned issues in the morning? Want to login in your ticketing system every second day? Morning Coffee is the answer.
    You can configure the add-on to load many websites when you click on a single button in the Firefox toolbar, and even tell it to open a few only on Mondays and Wednesdays. That's a really good start in the working day!
  2. Sage
    Sage is a light-weight RSS feed reader. Its interface is seamless but it works streamlined. A must to stay tuned about what's going on in your particular expertise domain.
  3. Read it later
    Did you forgot where you saved this website you were looking at last week in the infinite realm of your bookmarks? Read it later is for you. With this add-on you just click on a button to remember an interesting page you see on the web. It provides synching so you have access to your reading list from everywhere. You'll never loose any hot link again!
  4. Web Developer
    A must for IT professionals. Web Developer provides a lot of - you guessed - web development tools like screen resize, table outline and image hiding, to name a few.
  5. MeasureIt
    Tidy, placed in the browser's status bar, this add-on allows you to measure on screen. Ideal for getting a quick idea of an image's dimensions or a form field's width.
  6. ColorZilla
    Also in the status bar, ColorZilla picks colors on the screen and gives you the color's code in hex and RGB.
  7. Firebug
    Another typical web developer's add-on, Firebug has become the practical alternative to "View source". It is full-blown with lots of features which will convince you.
  8. TwitterBar
    Allows you to tweet a site you're just visiting on click. You can automatically add a prefix to your tweet (like "Currently browsing:") and set it up to ask you for confirmation every time before posting.
  9. SearchPreview
    Formerly know as GooglePreview. Shows a screen preview for each search result in your favorite search engine.
  10. Personas Plus
    This one is for the wellness of your eyes. Make your browser look like an irish pub during St. Patrick's day's party or ornate it with your newest favorite movie's cover.
Enjoy your enhanced Firefox experience and tell us what your top add-ons are!

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